A Venture in Introductory Level Newtonian Physics

The material presented in this website is for the use of introductory level physics teachers and students, world wide.

The material may be
used, copied, printed or propagated, totally free of charge.

The material included here at this time, is not all. The website will be modified from time to time to add more topics from theory, or more experiments or problems.We intend to add sample work-outs of all experiments to show that they can be performed easily and that they produce satisfactory results. The limit of inaccuracy is 3%. Some experiments produce results that have an error percentage of 1 or less.This imparts students a very high confidence level and leads them to conclude that what the theory says is not only true at research-labs’ level but at introductory-level physics labs as well.

The theoretical part is based and limited to Newtonian and contemporary physics, based on observational base followed by logical and philosophical reasoning and development. It will be found to be distinctive and appealing. We hope you will have a pleasant time.